I do as much writing as I do photography. Here are a few of the fifty-some-odd books I have written over the years. They cover technology, photography, travel, childhood games, history, and other completely unrelated topics!

Photography Books

World View: Images from a Life of Travel (See Life Productions, Incorporated)

A Year in Southridge Meadow (See Life Productions, Incorporated, 2010)

 History Books

A Matter of Last Resort: The Story of Byron Hot Springs. Contra Costa County Historical Society, 1987

Technology Books

A Spanish-English Telecommunications Dictionary (Shepard Communications Group, Williston, Vermont, 2001)

Telecom Crash Course (McGraw-Hill, New York, October 2001)

RFID Demystified (McGraw-Hill, New York, July 2004)

Telecom Crash Course, Second Edition (McGraw-Hill, New York, June 2005)

VoIP Crash Course (McGraw-Hill, New York, July 2005)

Managing Supply Chain Technology (Aspatore Publishing, November 2006) 

Using VoIP to Empower Your Business (Business Week, November 2007)

The Telecom Economy: Charting a Path in Uncertain Times (McGraw-Hill, New York, May 2008)

Business Books

One Seat Over: How to Start and Operate an Independent Consultancy (Executive Crash Course Press, 2009)

Reverse Engineering the Future: A Prescription for Change Leadership (Executive Crash Course Press, 2009)

Giving Up Control: Strategies for Success in the User-Generated Economy (Executive Crash Course Press, 2010)

Miscellaneous Books

Commotion in the Ocean: A Technical Commercial Diving Manual. National Association of Underwater Instructors, 1979.

Managing Cross-Cultural Transition: A Handbook for Corporations, Employees and Their Families (Aletheia Publications, New York, 1997)


I have also written more articles than I can remember. Check Google, or contact me about specific topics.