I'm Steve Shepard - welcome to Steven Shepard Images.

Yep, that's where it started. I have been photographing since I was ten years old. For my birthday that year my parents gave me my first camera - a Kodak Instamatic. The first time I looked through that little rangefinder I was hooked. From there I graduated to a Yashica twin lens reflex, which I shot with until I acquired my first SLR in 1978. From there it's been a steady stream of new equipment.

As a kid I was blessed with a life that took me all over the world, thanks to my father's job. I grew up in Spain and traveled extensively, and during that time I developed an unquenchable love for travel, and language, and culture. I also became fascinated with the natural world. My childhood heroes weren’t sports figures; they were biologists and naturalists.

Today I write books for a living, focusing on the social, cultural and economic impact of new technologies. In a typical year I travel to more than 70 countries, giving speeches, doing industry analysis and collecting words and images for my next book. It only makes sense that I would become as passionate about photographing the world as I am about delivering technology to its most remote places.

Come take a journey with me. I hope you enjoy the images; thanks for coming along!

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